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Many people consider a simple traffic ticket as a minor inconvenience. That is until they feel the affects after simply paying the fine on the ticket. Paying the fine is an admission of guilt with often results in points on your license, fines, result in mandatory or elective traffic school, dramatic increases in your insurance rates, and puts you in the position of potentially being labeled as a habitual offender if you receive subsequent traffic tickets in the future. It also could lead to a suspension of of drivers license if the points on your license surpass the allowable point limit.

What many people do not realize is that even if you are cited for a moving or non-moving traffic ticket, you do have rights, and have the opportunity to fight and win a traffic ticket case. There are a number of situations that may warrant the ticket be thrown out of court for various reasons.

If your traffic citation was filled out incorrectly by the police officer, or if there is any material defect or incorrect calibration of devices used by law enforcement your traffic ticket could get DISMISSED! Additionally, you have an absolute right to make the witnesses (law enforcement and civilian) appear in Court and prove the case against you. If they fail to appear, your traffic ticket may be DISMISSED!

It has been widely reported during the month of November 2011 in a local Orlando news investigation that law enforcement officers have become very sloppy by filling out traffic tickets improperly, written traffic tickets in a illegible manner, and have written down incorrect or non-existent device and calibration information. All of which may be grounds for dismissal.

Another common tactic law enforcement officers have been using is to set up near an interstate off-ramp, and pull over every car that a passenger is not wearing a seatbelt. When they pull you over they tell you you did a "rolling stop" and that they are going to cut you a break by just giving you a ticket for a non-moving seatbelt infraction. The problem with this is the "sting" is conducted improperly. In this situation law enforcement are supposed to stop cars in a predetermined count; meaning if seven was preselected, they must count every car that passes. When the predetermined car count is reached, if the driver is wearing his or her seatbelt, law enforcement must restart the count... meaning they cannot pull over the 8th car in the count regardless if they are wearing their seatbelt or not.

The point is that just because you are sited for a ticket, you not without legal rights, and those rights should be protected in any legal situation.

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