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In a contested divorce, the division of marital property and assets can be a highly contested process. While many people think that marital property involves the house where both parties resided together, it is more complicated than that.

Marital assets include those both assets and debts acquired since the date of the marriage. They can be tangible, like real estate or automobiles, or intangible financial assets such as bank accounts, retirement assets, 401Ks, 403Bs, IRAs, and pension funds.

Marital property may include any items of financial value, as well as items of little financial worth but are of sentimental value.

Under certain circumstances, property and assets brought into the marriage may be included in the process of division of marital property if the specific items were shared by both spouses during the course of a marriage.

The division of marital property can be a very complex process which may be best served by the legal assistance and guidance of experienced legal counsel.

If an amicable resolution cannot be reached prior to the court hearing regarding marital property distribution, the court may make a ruling regarding all of the marital property for you. If the court has to rule upon marital property issues, the outcome is not required to be equal distribution of marital property and assets, but "fair division of marital property and assets.

If this happens, one or both parties may not be completely happy with the outcome of a marital property court order.

The key to reaching a successful amicable resolution regarding marital property and asset issues is to negotiate with a reasonable tone and demeanor, and to see the big picture as to how you may best achieve your desired goals. The best chance for a successful division of marital property agreement may rest in the experience of your legal counsel.

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