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Being charged with a felony crime is a serious matter that should be handled with the legal advice and representation of experienced legal counsel. Felony crime conviction penalties in the State of Florida range from not less than 1 year of incarceration to life imprisonment, or death.

In the State of Florida the degrees of felony crimes include:

A person convicted of a felony crime will loose certain civil rights as a result as well, including, but not limited to:

Any criminal charge should be aggressively defended. Our goal in felony cases is to thoroughly examine the evidence against you, put the actions of law enforcement under a microscope (including probable cause) , review witness statements, in an effort to find cause for dismissal, get the charges reduced, negotiate fair and acceptable plea, obtain probation instead of jail or prison time, or seek to have a diversion program granted (when available).

If the felony criminal case goes to trial, we will aggressively defend you in an effort to prove your innocence.

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