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Family law involves various legal issues prior to a marriage, during a marriage, while a marriage is ending, after a marriage, and in the absence of marriage. From a divorce, legal name changes, child related issues, to marital property or post divorce modifications of standing court orders, family law can be very complex.

Family law issues may involve protecting the rights of the parties involved, dictating the care and support of minor children, and many other issues that may arise involving a family. Many of these area can be highly contested and may be best served with the advice and representation of experienced legal counsel.

In any family law issue, each party has rights. William C. Hancock can inform you of your legal rights as they apply to your specific circumstances, inform you of what your legal options may be, and protect those rights in an effort to provide you the best opportunity to successfully achieve your family law goals.

In the old days, a contested divorce commonly consisted of both parties taking hard stands on divorce related issues requiring the court to make almost every final decision relating to the divorce. Today the courts have put the emphasis on the spouses working out various issues in a process known as "mediation." Generally speaking, Divorce and Family Law Mediation is the process of negotiation. Mediation is often best served with the assistance of experienced legal counsel who can bring a voice of reason to the table in order to effectively resolve points of contention.

The importance of mediation is that the fewer amount of divorce related issues the court must rule upon in a divorce may be better for all parties involved and reduce the time to successfully complete the divorce process.

Family Law related issues often include, but are not limited to:

  • Paternity Issues
  • Legal Name Changes
  • Parenting Plans
  • Domestic Injunctions
  • Marital Agreements, and so on.

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