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Drug Crimes have evolved over the years to include illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and other controlled substances. The drug crime you may be charged with typically depends on the type of drug, weight of the drugs, and the perceived intention of the drug you are alleged to have in your possession or control.

Facing a drug charge can be traumatic experience for anyone. Drug charge cases are often aggressively prosecuted as the governments war on drugs remains a priority, and conviction rates for prosecutors are how they are evaluated be the State Prosecutors Office. Unfortunately, many innocent individuals and first time offenders end up caught in the prosecutors crosshairs without regard to how a conviction (warranted or not) will affect those they seek a conviction for.

In addition to a criminal record, potential jail or prison time, a conviction for a drug crime may also involve fines, probation, mandatory drug and alcohol treatment programs, community service, and so on. A drug charge conviction may also affect your job, housing situations, and other aspects of your life.

It is important that if you are arrested for a drug charge that you are made fully aware of your legal rights and options, and that your rights are defended using every available resource under the law.

Drug Crimes have evolved over the years to include illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and other controlled substances.

Drug crime charges an individual may commonly face include, but are not limited to:

If arrested and charged with a drug crime, every aspect of the investigation, arrest, police actions, evidence, witness statements, and other relevant issues should be put under a microscope to ensure you are provided the best possible defense of the charges against you.

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