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In order for a company to conduct business, obtain supplies or materials, provide services, obtain services from other companies, businesses must often enter into business contracts. These contracts are intended to protect each parties interests. In the event that a contract is not honored by either party, a contract dispute may arise that requires contract mediation or litigation.

Contract disputes commonly occur regarding:

When there is a breach of contract, it may adversely affect you business, and even impede your ability to function at an optimum business capacity. Our law office can thoroughly review your business contract, determine what your legal standing is regarding the dispute, formally inform the other party that a breach of contract has occurred, and aggressively represent your rights in an effort to resolve the breach of contract issue prior to a civil litigation trial.

If the other party chooses not to comply with the terms of the contract, we will represent you and your business in civil litigation, seeking compliance of the contract and/or damages when the situation dictates such action.

Three elements must be satisfied to prove that a breach of contract has occurred and that you are entitled to damages:

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