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In child support cases, before support can be ordered or collected, the paternity of the child must be proven in a court of law, unless the father voluntarily admits paternity. Proof of paternity is constituted either by voluntary signature, a judge’s decision, or the fact that the mother was married to the man either before or after the child is born.

If a man refuses to admit to fathering a child and the mother decides to take him to court, it is advised for her to acquire the services of a child paternity attorney & lawyer to protect both her legal rights and the rights of the child or children which are involved.

Every child has the right to be supported by both parents. When a child's paternity is being questioned by the biological father, paternity proceedings are essential to establish, as a matter of legal record, the child's biological father in order to seek child support.

Unfortunately, when the paternity of a child is being disputed, the assumed father of the child, or children may choose to attempt to make it difficult to obtain a paternity test to prove or disprove that they are the biological father. On the other side of the coin, there are also situations in which a man is lead to believe they are the father of a child, only to find out that they are not.

A court ordered paternity test may be sought by either the mother or male who is in doubt of, or contesting the fact that a child is their biological offspring, or to prove that the child is his.

Child paternity is an important process which aids in various legal situations, such as:

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