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When child custody and visitation issues cannot be amicable resolved by both parents of minor children, Florida Law empowers the court, during the course of a divorce - in the absence of a marriage - or after a divorce is final to render a court order regarding the custody of minor children.

After a review of the facts presented, and the arguments presented by both parents, the court will render it's decision based on what the current and foreseeable family situation may dictate as what is in the best interest of minor children that are involved.

Child custody and visitation is often a highly contested legal matter. It is important to remain calm and ensure your argument is presented to the court in a reasonable and responsible manner. Outbursts, showing an unwillingness to allow the other parent access to his or her minor children, or a vengeful demeanor in court may result in a child custody and/or visitation court order that may not be in accordance with your desired goals in child custody or visitation issues.

Since in recent years their has been an increased emphasis in child custody proceedings to determine what is in the best interest of the child, the days of the mother of minor children virtually always being granted primary custody of minor children have changed. Simply speaking, the gender of the parent is not lawfully considered relating to the outcome of a child custody or visitation dispute.

In the absence of unlawful acts or a proven lifestyle which may be detrimental for minor children, one of the most important things the court will favor is a parenting plan that promotes the minor children to have frequent continued contact with both parents.

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