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When an individual is convicted of an assault or battery criminal charge, they may not only be awarded various fines or penalties, but potentially be left with a permanent mark on their criminal record which may present obstacles such as finding employment, or renting an apartment / home. In the event of a felony conviction, you may loose some of your basic rights as an American citizen, such as your right to vote, obtain or possess a passport, or your right to own or possess a firearm, just to name a few.

Criminal Assault occurs when an action or a threat places someone in imminent fear of a non-consensual touching. Assault does not involve physical contact. Defense of assault charges sometimes include self-defense, defense of others, and defense of property.

Criminal Battery can be defined as an intentional act of harmful or offensive touching of someone without permission. Accidental contact, no matter how severe, is not considered battery. To be charged with battery, the person who was physically harmed does not have to require medical treatment.

There are also varying degrees of assault and battery crimes based on the circumstances and the severity of injuries which are caused. For example, weapons can elevate the severity of the offense.

When law enforcement investigates allegations of assault and battery, many times the eyewitnesses may not have seen the event in question start, and report what they observed, and who they perceived as the aggressor. Since law enforcement are initially focused on restoring order, due attention to fully investigate the assault and battery incident sometimes is lacking, and simply arrest whomever they believe was involved or responsible. This often leads to individuals who was defending their self or protecting another being arrested on charges of assault and battery.

Depending upon the circumstances of your arrest and possibly your prior criminal record, an assault or battery crime conviction may result in:

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