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Often called "spousal support" or "spousal maintenance", alimony is a major concern for many people when faced with the prospect of a divorce. It is important to understand that alimony is not a given in all divorce cases. The alimony request must be warranted, necessary, the ex-spouse that would be paying alimony must have the financial means to do so, and that paying the requested alimony will not unnecessarily put the ex-spouse paying alimony in financial hardship.

Alimony cannot be used to punish a spouse or to give the other spouse financial advantage over the other. There are very specific guidelines relating to alimony that the court must adhere to in determining if alimony is necessary, and the amount of alimony to be paid.

Your alimony attorney's role, depending on if you are requesting alimony or disputing an alimony request is to show the court that your legal standing and financial situation either supports the amount of alimony requested; or show the court that the amount of alimony requested is not warranted, necessary, or not financial possible according to your current and foreseen financial standing.

The burden of proof to be awarded alimony is on the individual who is requesting alimony to prove that he or she really needs to be supported and the other spouse has the financial means and ability to pay that support.

If this burden of proof has been successfully shown to the court when requesting alimony, there are several other statutory factors which the courts may consider in determining what, if anything, would be a fair spousal support / alimony award.

Factors may be included when determining if alimony is warranted and, if so, what amount of alimony is to be paid may include:

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